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Company profile

Our company specializes in rendering support to the East European enterprises in maintenance and reconstruction of technological equipment coming from the world’s leading industrial countries.

Due to our long-term experience, we are able to make procurements in close interaction with manufacturers and suppliers, and our Logistics Department guarantees any terms of delivery under INCOTERMS: from EXW to DDP.

We supply our customers mainly with such goods as machines and production equipment, spare parts and consumables as well as industrial and technical products. We focus mainly on the following industries:

  • metallurgy
  • production of cables and wire
  • food industry
  • production of construction materials
  • chemical industry
  • metal-working industry
  • woodworking

Production equipment of our customers is usually made of component parts of different manufacturers.


1. Transport band 2. Hydraulic cylinder
3. Gear 4. Control panel

Equipment manufacturers produce only some parts of the equipment at their enterprises.

The production equipment requires timely service, repairs and replacement of worn parts and assemblies.

Searching for manufacturers of certain component parts often appears to be a long and difficult process.

Due to our extensive database and our team of committed and experienced engineers, our company will, in a very short term, offer the customer a large variety of spare parts and equipment as specified in the request.