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Goals & Objectives

Our key Goal is to support enterprises ranging from the right wording of the request to equipment supply. We rely on the longstanding cooperation with our partners in Eastern Europe.

Within this framework we address following objectives:
Equipment search & delivery
  • Prompt supply of high quality spare and component parts, machines, equipment and consumables at reasonable prices to our customers in Eastern Europe;
  • Searching for manufacturers of component parts, machines and equipment;
  • Efficient and effective handling of all requests;
  • Goods delivery under INCOTERMS from EXW to DDP;

Goal of our company is to provide our customers, in the shortest possible terms, with the required spare parts and assemblies of the highest quality and at optimal prices.

Complex engineering support
  • Consultancy on engineering
  • Customer demand analysis, project research based on the technical specification
  • Equipment search & selection from the leading producers in Europe, US, Japan according the customer’s requirements
  • Optimal payment and delivery schedule for the customer

For the efficient and effective handling of the complex projects, we need the customer to provide us with the maximum information and requirements. This influences the prices as well as the time period required for preparing different offers and the term of delivery.

This goal is achieved in close cooperation with our Eastern European partners who are direct contact with the customers.